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Hello! I am Luciane!

Around four years ago I watched a documentary called “The True Cost.”

That was the end of my weekly shopping spree at H and M, Zara, Forever21, and so many other stores that sell cheap and low-quality clothes made by exploited young women working in the most horrible conditions. How ignorant I was!

I could not believe how horrible the fashion industry was! From pollution to violation of human rights, this multi-million industry is responsible for so many atrocities that are destroying our planet, torturing animals and humans, and all in the name of status, “beauty” and convenience.

As soon as I finished watching this movie, I vowed I would never again buy new clothes. If I needed any piece of garment, I would buy from local thrift shops, local designers, or make my own!  I end up buying a sewing machine and took some classes at Mood Fabrics, watched YouTube tutorials for hours and slowly by surely became better and more confident with this new skill. Making clothes is not easy! It is an art that deserves a lot more recognition and respect.

Growing up in Brazil I had plenty of beautiful clothes because of all the talented women in my family: grandmas, aunts, cousins, and neighbors; everybody knew how to sew, knit, crochet, quilt, cross-stitch and more. I was so lucky to have been raised in this environment and be taught by so many people how to be crafty, and self-sufficient. At six years old my mom taught me how to crochet, then my grandma taught me knitting which I learned very fast and was able to pass on to my mom! When I was eighteen, I bought my first sewing machine and started to alter my jeans (big bum-small wait problems!), and my new hobby was born! I always loved to do alterations but never thought I could make a garment on my own.

Today I make everything I wear, even my underwear! And because this hobby makes me so happy and proud, I decided to share my projects and hopefully inspire others to be more mindful of their consumption and perhaps even inspire people to recycle, upcycle or make their clothes!